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Toronto Business Machines is a leader in office rentals for the surrounding downtown businesses. We supply the local businesses, as well as people in Toronto for a convention with practical rental plans

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Acroprint Time and Attendance Products
we've enhanced our timeQplus V3 systems to include support for the new Windows 7 operating system, and terminal support for USB thumb drives to make data transfer smoother and easier than ever.
PD100 Time Recorder
Value priced electric time recorder. Sets up in minutes. Quick and easy to use. Prints day, hour, minutes with just a press of the button.

PD100 Time Recorder
Entry Level Electric Time Recorder
PD100 at a glance
•Simple — No complicated setup and configuration. Just plug it in, set the time and go. The pre-inked ribbon is ready to print.

•Easy — Just insert a time card or sheet and press the silver button. That's it! Accepts all common time cards and most standard documents.

•Reliable — Backed by a full one year warranty.

•Economical — Priced to fit any business budget.

Straightforward, No Frills Time Stamp
If you just need to record time — for payroll, job costing or document control — without spending a fortune on complicated features you'll never use, the value-priced PD100 is for you.

The PD100 sets up in minutes. Just plug it in, set the time, and you're ready to go.

A red guide mark on the side helps insure your document is properly aligned. Then with a quick press of the button, the clock prints day, hours and minutes. Easy!

This product carries a full one year manufacturer's warranty. Product dimensions: 5.25” H x 4.75” W x 9.75”D.

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